13 October 2022 | Yarra Valley | 9am – 5pm

Accelerating Beef on Dairy
The Future Of The Australian Beef & Dairy Industries


Dairy & Beef Industry Leaders Forum

Fulton Market Group is excited to bring dairy and beef industry leaders together to hear from Australia’s leading agricultural and environmental experts and global innovators on the opportunities for a new sustainable beef supply chain.


Australian Beef on Dairy programs are gaining momentum

Highly targeted beef-on-dairy pilot programs designed to breed and grow non-replacement calves for premium domestic and export demand are underway. There is a tremendous opportunity for the Australian dairy and beef industries to further accelerate these programs with multiple advantages across the supply chain.


Full day of events runs from 9am - 5pm.

MC'ed by Tom Newton from MaxCare, the program includes a line up of leading industry experts whom you may not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to including keynote presentations from two of Australia's preeminent sustainability and environmental scholars.

You'll have your burning questions answered during an expert panel discussion and have the chance to connect with fellow industry leaders, share ideas and opportunities over drinks and canape before the day closes at 5pm.

Prof Richard Eckhardt
Professor of Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Melbourne

Prof. Richard Eckhardt

Named by Reuters as one of the most influential climate scientists in the world, Richard is Professor of Sustainable Agricultural Systems at The University of Melbourne, and Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre, a research centre addressing the impacts of a changing climate on agriculture.

Richard is a science advisor to the Australian, New Zealand, UK and EU governments, the International Livestock Research Institute and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on climate change adaptation, mitigation and policy development in agriculture.

His research focuses on carbon farming and accounting toward carbon-neutral agriculture, managing extreme climate events and options for agriculture to respond to a changing climate.

Prof. Andrew Macintosh
Associate Dean (Research), ANU College of Law

Prof. Andrew Macintosh

Prof. Andrew Macintosh is one of Australia’s preeminent experts on environmental policy design and evaluation, particularly the design and administration of environmental markets and environmental certification schemes.

His award-winning research has been published in the most prestigious environment journals in the world, including Nature Climate Change, Climatic Change and the Journal of Environmental Law.

Among other things, Richard was Chair of the Australian Government’s Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee and Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee between 2013-2020, a member of the Expert Panel Examining Additional Sources of Low-Cost Abatement (King Review) in 2019-2020, a member of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Expert Review Panel in 2019-2020, and is currently a program lead for the Australian Government’s Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package and National Biodiversity Trading Platform.

Dr Sarah Bolton
National Animal Welfare Lead, Dairy Australia

Dr Sarah Bolton

Veterinarian Dr Sarah Bolton is passionate about calves and dairy cattle and has spent time managing a dairy farm. She graduated from Melbourne University Vet School in 2012 and is currently participating in the university’s Dairy Residency program. She also recently completed the Nuffield Scholarship looking at how bull calves are managed.

Mike de Groot
Founding Partner, TD Beef

Mike de Groot

Located in Lubbock, Texas and with an intense focus on Sustainability for the Beef and Dairy Industries, TD Beef is the supply chain vehicle that transparently creates and delivers uniform Beef on Dairy Cross Cattle, while simultaneously providing Age, Source and Sire Identification for each calf. TD Beef produces and collects program calves from over 200 dairies across 14 States and IS the Beef and Dairy Solution to Carbon Intensity.

Ian Wheal
CEO, Breedr

Ian Wheal

Ian is an entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for agriculture and the supply chain. Over the years Ian has worked with organisations including large corporates, SMEs and start-ups to develop and deliver sustainable growth through clear corporate positioning, product strategy, business development and cultural change.

Ian has a degree in Engineering (Mechatronics) and Computer Science, as well as an MBA from London Business School.

Brad Gilchrist, SEMEX
Beef Marketing Manager, Semex

Brad Gilchrist

Cam Renshaw
Specialist Calf Rearer

Cam Renshaw

Cam Renshaw is filled with a passion for driving the Australian Beef-on-Dairy sector into the future through the collaboration of new & existing stakeholders across dual sectors within the Australian Beef Industry. He is most satisfied when we achieve a successful migration of beef genetics through to livestock delivery with a hands-on focus and knowledge.

Sam Elsom
CEO, Sea Forest

Sam Elsom

Sam is co-founder and CEO of Sea Forest, an innovative environmental biotechnology company developing the scaled cultivation of the red seaweed, Asparagopsis. Sam is a passionate conservationist and human rights activist, using his broad creative skillset to help organisations draw attention to global issues and assist in activities that promote and help raise funds in support of their positive work.


Less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne

Join us for the day at Hubert Estate, one of the Yarra Valley’s original grand 19th-century wineries. As our guest, on-ground expenses including morning tea, lunch, closing drinks and canape are provided.


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