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A True Partnership

The FMG Difference.

Headquartered in Chicago, Fulton Market Group (FMG) combine deep industry experience, market intelligence and cutting-edge technology to deliver significant savings and value through a fully optimized, transparent, world-class supply chain.

Owned and operated by people who have worked in the food industry for decades, FMG are as passionate about the industry as our customers and partners and are dedicated to continual advancement in supply chain management.

The Forefront of Supply Chain Innovation

100% visibility, accountability and control.

FMG provide a fully integrated, collaborative platform for clients and trading partners alike to leverage throughout the supply chain reducing and eliminating complex or unnecessary steps in order to create a leaner end to end process that is more efficient and more profitable without sacrificing quality or service.

With operations in the USA and Australia, FMG covers markets in North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, North & South Asia, South Africa and the Middle East.

Beef Sustainability

We’re all in this together.

Our central position in the supply chain combined with our team’s deep industry experience ensures we’re well–placed to help drive a culture of continuous improvement across the beef industry. As such, FMG is committed to working with all supply chain stakeholders to continually improve the sustainability of the beef industry.

We understand the beef supply chain has a long-lasting sustainable future and will play an increasingly important role in global environmental initiatives.

Get In Touch

If you have a question or would like one of our team members to get in touch, drop us a line below and we will be in touch.